Support a student

Teaching to transform lives

You support a student.

With the support of 100%, 50% or 25%,  you contribute to our Scholarship Fund.

We select the student.

Our team selects a student, taking into consideration their social background.

The student begins classes.

The student begins their studies, and we monitor their academic performance.

How does it work?

After deciding to contribute and selecting the payment method, we engage in a conversation with the student’s parents, and the student begins classes. The minimum monthly contribution is $32.50. This contribution does not cover expenses for books and materials.



100% Plan

You support 100% of the monthly fee, which is: $130.00.

50% Plan

You support 50% of the monthly fee, which is: $65.00.

25% Plan

You support 25% of the monthly fee, which is: $32.50.